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My favorite travel-related quote is:

You can't have a narrow mind and a thick passport.” – Pauline Frommer

Narrow minds make me sad. And when we visit other places and meet "other" people, it becomes so hard for us to hide behind generalizations and stereotypes.

Once, at the height of my business travels, I had to send in my passport to get extra pages sewn in. That was awesome.

They won't do that anymore, but really, with every foreign entry stamp you receive, your passport gets "thicker" and your perspective gets wider.

I have made friends all around the world and want the same for you!

- Dan

Missed you!

Future plans!

the wonders of utah

Join me this fall, as I will be your Tour Manager on this exciting trip with Calvin University.  Ralph Stearley, professor of geology emeritus, will be our host and will share his expertise throughout the tour. Ralph received his M.S. in geology from the University of Utah and his Ph.D. in geology and paleontology from the University of Michigan, before coming to Calvin to teach. He has spent more than a decade doing geologic fieldwork in southwest Idaho and neighboring regions.  https://www.wittetravel.com/tours/the-wonders-of-utah/